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Who was that "close" family member who died?

Nana Ama Kowhini
2018-09-11 02:23:27

I didn't ridicule your bereavement. What is said was that, you made up the story. If you didn't make up the story then tell us who died. Was it your cousin, niece, nephew, aunt or uncle. You don't even have to mention the "close" family members name.

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Original Mythbuster on 09-10 23:28
Kasa Barima on 09-10 23:28
Who was that "close" family member who died?
Nana Ama Kowhini on 09-11 02:23
Kasa Barima on 09-11 02:28
Ntibanso on 09-11 01:28
Kasa Barima on 09-11 01:46