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2018-09-10 23:35:30

That WAS NOT in a Roman Catholic service, you ignorant lot! That event took place when the Otumfuor visited the Lambeth Palace——residence of the head of the Anglican Church, a.k.a., The Church of England.

Forget the black & white checked flour (which every studious person should know is a masonic thingy); that’s the Lambeth Palace chapel, again NOT in a Roman Catholic Church or mass!

Screen grabbing a video clip and zooming in to obscure the details, just to buttress your sinister conspiratorial garbage isn’t rather disgusting; it borders along criminality! That stupid Addai guy should be charged for breaching intellectual property right of the original video source.

Ne tire se kotebotor!

For an educated fella like YOU, my estranged ‘Akonta’ (Yes, I still consider you as a great SIL friend, albeit, with a stinky attitude, korte po!), it’s called intellectual/academic dishonesty and you damn well know that! Stop embarrassing yourself by embracing this grotesque teachings, which is base on nothing but pure satanism. A stupid teaching designed to trick ye ‘goyim’ or dumb cattle! (Nti na wo nhunu wo ho ano no, wo! Make a maka!) Quit delving into devilish doctrines and save your soul and sanity, onua!

That Evangelist Addai guy is condemning people from his own camp, mate. He’s like Belzebub condemning himself by mixing a tiny degree of truth with a gargantuan portion of error. His teachings are nothing but a weird distortion of Occult esoteric, Luciferian doctrines, much like that arrogant fool you call Avraham Bin Moshie guy——another ignoramus twerp with a satanic reverse engineered Yiddish name. Who came first? Moses or Abraham? Go figure. Wake up, bro, I fear you’re getting well deceived!

Our Asantehenes, since Seychelles, have always been Anglicans, mate! That’s their choice. So how dare you condemn the man here, sir! That maliciously manipulated scenes there, I repeat, was shot in the Lambeth Castle chapel——an Anglican Church and NOT in a Catholic church! If you’re going to open people’s eyes to any truth out there, then do it right and stop propagating lies by mingling disjointed bullshitt.

Nice try by that Addai bastard but that’s a weak form of forced association, mate!

Damn liars!!!
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