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RE: Tummy Tom, You Got A Special Message

Tom Thumb
2018-09-10 18:14:52

The NDC dosent want you and the NPP See's you as a Judas Iscariot, thus you are floating in the middle with the likes of ignorant Beans, ranting Botifans and looney Linda as your only solitude.

Meanwhile one Bajan is worth fifty of you lot and that is a fact. Go to the Bajan, kneel at his feet and beg for wisdom and knowledge.

Long live Nana Addo, long live the Bajan lion and long live Petit Tom Thumb, the tiny fellow who bentoaed Nana Osei Akoto with pepper, wuntia and ginger sauce.
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RE: Tummy Tom, You Got A Special Message
Tom Thumb
09-10 18:14
Original Mythbuster
09-10 17:39