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2018-09-11 12:01:42

Thanks to the Anglican Church in Ghana because its in the papers of today that they have told Africa and the world that they are sorry for supporting the slave trade.
The slave trade was however initiated by the Catholic Archbishop of Lisbon La Cases. He told the Roman Catholics to go to Africa, capture Negroes and sell them into slavery in America.
The guns that were used by the colonialist to colonize Africa were however blessed by the Bishop of Canterbury, a city that is ecclesiastical center of England and the Church of England, which is the Anglican Church.
So the Anglican Bishops in Ghana should go back to the table, put their heads together and apologize for their church planing, preparing and operating the whole British colonial system and wars.
It is on record that before Christians and Muslims brought the Abram religions to Africa they were warned of the consequence of their spread ot the Abraham religions.
The fact today is that the murder and maiming in Africa is by members of the Abram religions. All the wars in Africa today have the pie of the Abram religions in them.
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