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Ghanafuo:Moi Has Listened and Forgave GMD et Mom

2018-09-01 19:45:03

Yes, Mojo and Paul of Baltimore, despite their dissing, have convinced moi not to die with bitterness in my heart. So moi has called my GMD about an hour ago and spoken to her. For the first time in over a decade, she was busy working. Thanks to Tigari the NPP has given her a contract to supply bread and cake to boarding school students. Praise the Lord, moi is now a believer. But my toughness compelled her to go out there in search of success.

I go send her a whopping $5k to hire more Nigerians and Ghanaians for her business. Btw, my GMGP's in case wonna midgets don't know are excelling in STEM. They will soon graduate and come to UBC. Hopefully, moi go die with a family member by my side.

Send your might power come down now, oh oh Lord come down now!

[This is an authentic posting from JW (Registered User)]
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