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a. amoo atta
2018-08-10 20:34:27

What do you mean , `you people` , semi/literate baboon? If you don´t have anything to do respond to this.


Author: JW (registered user)
Date: 08-17-2016 13:57

Nkyir ne mampam mma. Pikin-na-borrows and two-twofuo mma. When handsome moi gyiga like that, it takes a locomotive to stop me. These fockers with no fathers were here dissing the late President Atta Mills of blessed memory, but it was this great ambassador of Ghana, whilst lecturing here at UBC find time to organize a fundraising even for funds to ship several containerloads of donated medical equipment, expensive hospital beds and supplies for supply to hospitals in Ghana in the name of the Dakurah Fund. What's shocking is how the then Ghana Consul, a Guyanese-born diplomat who used to work at the UN with Osafo Marfo, the then foreign minister to assist in shipping the items to Ghana, but was flatly turned down. Yes, Ghana's foreign minister told his friend from their UN days to ask those who donated the equipment to ship the goods to Ghana. Heartless does not explain the action of this NPP idiot. So moi with Professor Mills and the diplomat organized this fundraising event which saw the shipment of the first three containers. I presented ther Bills of Laden to Dr. Dakurah and the Head Nurse at the Korle bu Teaching Hospital in October 2001. What pisses me off is how your whoring moms and drug dealing cousins, fathers and nephews will be the ones enjoying the fruit of my labour. Bastard focks!

Subject: RE: Daasebre Druglord: Me Ne Wa Nom

Author: Akwasi Amoo Atta (
Date: 08-17-2016 15:38

Liar ! It took me about 45 minutes trying to figure out what you were talking about . Now, I think I've got an idea about what that gibberish is about. So now I have a question for you , loser. Assuming what you are trying to say is true, and I doubt that very much1 And so just assuming for the sake of argument that that is true, why do you have to come here , almost ten years after the event to shout that from the roof tops? Why now ? Have you got any particular reason why you have to do that now, semi-literate loser ? That is question nr. !

Question nr.2 , Can you tell anybody why of all people . an ass like you had to be included in the whole project . Why would anybody approach a retarded imbecile like you for its implementation? You were approached in your capacity as what ?

You are laughable ! You are doing what losers always do. Because they have nothing to show for , what losers like you do is to try as much as possble, every method and every means to draw cheap attention to themselves . And why do people like you do that ? Because you have nothing to show for it, and that is the way you think you can win your self-respect back .But you are deceiving yourself loser! Very few people will buy your stupid nonsense. But I wish you all the joy in that fool's Paradise of yours.

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