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Comment: Kenya Dey Sweet Brutal !!!

Big Daddy Bosco
2018-07-12 13:18:41

Can you believe this, 20 MPs from Kenya are in Russia having a good time, typical African politicians.

Kenyans have reacted furiously to news that 20 MPs have travelled to watch the World Cup at the taxpayers' expense.
They are watching four games, including the final, in a two-week trip to Russia estimated to be costing hundreds of thousands of US dollars.
The MPs caught the attention of Kenyans when they posted selfies in a stadium.
Sports Minister Rashid Echesa told the BBC he had authorised only six MPs to travel, to help understand how to organise such big events.

Read more at BBC
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Big Daddy Bosco on 07-12 13:18
Kenya Dey Sweet Brutal !!!