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Comment: Addressing The Elephant In The Room....

Sister Baaba Henderson
2018-07-12 13:01:35

What's the gov't doing to reduce poverty levels in the country, since family planning is a human right issue in this digital era? Need I talk about AI: artificial intelligence which supposed to help humans, taking over jobs?

How are we planning our families and population growth; exponentially or systematically?

(1) Dr. Leticia Adelaide Appiah a Physician and Senior Public Health Specialist is currently the Executive Director of the National Population Council of Ghana.

(2) Ghana marks World Population Day, calls for family planning

(3) What do Ghanians want, quantity or quality growth of our families and population?

(4) Bawumia meets Deputy UN Secretary General

To discuss the leadership role that Ghana is providing on several initiatives that harness data revolution for sustainable development.

(5) Do most Ghanians even know that family planning is a human right in reducing poverty?

(6) Why is the Ghanian media fixated on salacious materials and the daily headlines is repleted with them?

What are some antidote to poverty in the country?

There are over 100 million women in the world today who want to space or limit their pregnancies, but who lack knowledge of, or access to, modern methods of contraception. Precisely, we need to educate the masses on family planning and empower our women by giving them affordable access to the reproductive health services. Thereby, they can make an informed decision about their own life and the life they want to bring into this world.

We need to educate our youth on illnesses related to pregnancy as well as perils of premature childbirth, moreover, how to avoid unwanted pregnancies. There’s an urgency of effective laws and policies that would protect the girl child rights. Most importantly, we need to remove the conspicuous gender stereotypes from our society. Men and women both are from this very planet, both of them deserve equal rights and that’s when we will achieve thriving sustainable societies.

So what are you and your assembly doing to reduce poverty in your neck of the woods?
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