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Comment: J.H. MENSAH GOES HOME ......

2018-07-12 10:52:45

Joy News reports world renowned economist and veteran politician Joseph Henry Mensah, affectionately called JH, has joined the ancestors.

Like or loathe him, JH was colossal in his time, both as a professional and a politician. Mr. Mensah was among the few whose knowledge and skill were recognized and tapped into by almost all the political administrations of his time, beginning with the immediate independent administration of Kwame Nkrumah.

But JH will be most remembered for his singular and courageous fight against dictatorial rule in Ghana, notably against the Kutu Acheampong NRC/SMC administration and later the PNDC administration under Jerry Rawlings .... for which he suffered several detentions and ultimately, a lengthy exile.

In the end, JH triumphed in his long suffering agitation to see Ghana through a culture of entrenched democracy. Generations after him will remember him for that.

Dammirifa due, Joseph Henry Mensah. Obarima b3 y33 bi, na wa mm3y3 ne nyinaa.

PS: My condolences to JH's family from Odumase (a.k.a., Domase), including cousin Ogyatanaa (Ogyat) of SIL fame.
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RealPatriot on 07-12 10:52