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Comment: Stronger Nations Built on Ethnicity

2018-07-12 02:33:21

Asanteman was stronger when there was no Ghana, likewise the Yoruba and Hausa kingdoms. Massa knew wonna weakness, hence the establishment of the Treaty of Berlin to carve-up Africa by lumping warring factions together as one nation. With proud Fantes now sharing the same resources with arch enemies from the kwaemu, the country known as Ghana has never known peace.

Progress was made when the country formerly known as Czechslovakia broke up to become Czech Republic and Slovakia. The former Baltic state of Yugoslavia also went through the same ethnic cleansing ritual African nations are facing. I write this masterpiece because the determination seen in the eyes of these Croats, Serbians, Japanese is lost to the French, English and Belgians. Do wonna Ghanaians know that the Belgian team communicates in English instead of French or Flemish? Even the Arabs are getting all focked up ethnic-wise. Uruguay and Argentina don't like Blacks in their team, likewise Spain and Italy. Ever wonder why Bawuah never sings their fascist national anthem?

Ghanaians, Africans and Negroes, kindly read and listen to moi and all shall be well with you fear-fear and disloyal human beings. Traitors of Africa must be shot. There is a reason why, besides Brazil, where Blacks think they are Whites, only fascist nations like Germany and Italy have won more world cups than any other. Argentina and Uruguay, countries mentioned above have two apiece. Have you seen the determined eyes of an Asante warrior facing the Brits in battle compared to Ghanaian peacekeeping soldiers of today allowing enemy soldiers to shoot at them without returning fire?
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JW on 07-12 02:33
Stronger Nations Built on Ethnicity