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Comment: Web Massa I beg, make you read!!!

2018-07-12 00:04:23

Web Massa,
You go fit take the below requirement off SIL?
I be Harvard-fellow with a low monthly stipend and promise to pay to register once I secure full time job in the next year or so.

SIL needs me more than MOJO. ;)>

Your posting cannot be processed because you have already posted 20 topics today.
Although you are probably just very enthousiastic we enforce this limit to prevent Say It Loud from collapsing.
Please consider registering yourself because as a registered user you are entitled to unlimited postings per day. Registration also gives many other benefits. Click here for more info.
If possible I suggest you re-submit this particular posting tomorrow.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
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***Koshi*** on 07-12 00:04
Web Massa I beg, make you read!!!
Bajan on 07-12 00:57