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Comment: LKISTEN TO JW,for once

YAW gbemi ke soormibi
2018-06-11 00:39:04

2018-06-10 14:32:16

Africans, be them politicians or average Joe are all morons. It takes a special kind of human being, the clueless moron type, to sell his own sibling. The Chinese built a wall around their country to prevent invaders from attacking them. And when they lay siege outside the walls they chose to starve to death instead of surrendering. All and sundry have studied the history of Africa and Africans and noted stupidity and cowardice as some of their traits. And so they come bearing gifts you fockers haven't seen before to influence your decisions. Illiterate chiefs should rule Africa not focking politicians.
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YAW gbemi ke soormibi on 06-11 00:39
LKISTEN TO JW,for once
YAW gbemi ke soormibi on 06-11 01:32