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SIL Communists: Are Blacks Better off in Russia?

Paul al Ameriki
2018-05-17 13:06:28

I want to move to move to Europe for three years and for some reason Russia is the place that keeps reverberating in my ears.

My question for my fellow SILian abongo Communisto brothers this wet spring Thursday is, are blacks better off in Russia? Do blacks have real economic opportunity in Russia? Are they better than third class non-citizens? Would a sane black person relocate from the "west" to Russia? Are there black millionaires in Russia? Are there black millionaires? Are there many solid middle class blacks in Russia?

These are questions I need answers to before I decide on my move and I believe the best people to help me answer those questions are the Commie Lovers Association of SIL who emphatically declare that Russia is better than USA.



USA until I move to Russia!!!


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