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My Daughter and the Evening News

2018-05-17 01:16:52

My daughter is now 7 years old, and a very intelligent young lady she is too. My pride and joy and the very best daughter any father could wish for.

Last Christmas she was gifted with a tablet computer by her mother, and it has become her constant companion. My one concern, however, is the amount of time she has been spending on it and the associated influence of the American content that comes with it. You may call me a hypocrite since is also a Trump-lover like me, always giving him an excited shout-out every time she sees him on TV... "Trumpie!" she yells, or "Daddy look... Trump!". She knows what BBC and CNN and Fox News are, mainly from watching them with me before she got that tablet.

Now while I am a Trump-lover I am first and foremost a Bajan. For me it will always be Barbados first. As a parent I have been observing my young daughter's copying of American mannerisms from the internet, and starting this week I have made her put away the tablet at 7 pm and watch the local evening news for half an hour. She has to grow up knowing the names of the people and places of this island. It is OK to know about America or England or Ghana but she is not American or British or Ghanaian. She is a Bajan and as a parent it is my job to mould her in these formative years. So after watching the evening news with her, I get a sheet of paper and write down ten questions about things from that night's broadcast. Just like my father would come home from work every evening and make me recite multiplication tables when I would rather be outside playing with my six brothers and sisters. I resented it then but I thank him for it now because today I am a computer programmer and business owner, largely due to my father's moulding of 40 years ago. Mind you, I also grew up watching Sesame Street, Wagon Train, Woody Woodpecker, Lone Ranger, Perils of Pauline and Bugs Bunny.

On Monday when we started my daughter got 7 of the 10 questions right. Last night I went to sleep early and missed the news. We continued tonight and she got out 6 of 10.

I love fatherhood!

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Nuff Respect,

[This is an authentic posting from Bajan (Registered User)]
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