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What's The Government Doing About This?

2018-05-06 18:01:28

Why should severe kidney disease be a death sentence in Ghana?

Korle Bu lacks specialists who can perform kidney transplant surgery.

A classmate had kidney disease and needed daily kidney dialysis. The problem was that the treatment cost $3,000 per month and a group of doctors from the UK who come to Korle Bu annually to perform kidney transplants, assessed and determined him not to be a suitable candidate for a transplant. That means he had to undergo dialysis for the rest of his life but he couldn't afford it. We contributed and contributed until everybody taya. Someone talked to Professor Mate-Korle and he arranged treatment through a charity. After about a month, instead of daily dialysis, they switched to every other day and the guy who was saying in his house and visiting the hospital for daily dialysis, had to live in the hospital because his condition got worst and his legs were swollen to the point that he could no longer wear shoes.

Why did they switch him to every other day? The doctors determined that he was going to die anyway and instead of daily dialysis, the free treatment should be shared by two patients and they take turns every other day.

But nobody is scared of death more than Ghanaman and our friend wants the daily treatment but the cost has now increased to $4,000 per month. The NHIS only covers the hospital bed.

It's a terrible situation for anybody to be in. When you see helpless situations like this, you thank God you're not in the system get you can't sleep at night.


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