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NDC must cut its losses on Galamsey

Nii Armah Kweifio-Okai
2018-05-06 11:01:59

NDC must cut its losses on Galamsey

- It was during the Mahama Government that Galamsey was at its worst and most intensive, and involved for the first time foreigners in particular the Chinese with heavy machinery and neighbouring Africans in earnest

- During Mahama’s Government, some NDC people were involved in or facilitated Galamsey, never mind there were also some NPP and chiefs involved.

NDC therefore enters the debate on Government’s efforts at curbing Galamsey on the back foot. What should the NDC do under the circumstances?

- NDC has no choice than to atone its portion of responsibility for the widespread environmental damage. To date it has not done so and I cite two examples

- Three days ago, an NDC MP from the Western Region, Kwabena Mintah Akandoh gave the impression the NDC was that he was against the banning of galamsey. He was reported to have said this about the President: “A con man is somebody who told the people of this country that look, vote for me, if I come I’ll legalise galamsey, and when he comes back he bans even legal mining”.


- Last Saturday Mahama said the NDC supported small scale mining, indeed small scale miners were part of the NDC Unity walk at Kumasi at which rally Mahama spoke, and that the NDC stood ready to share experiences in Government in tackling the menace. However he muddied the waters by suggesting that the Government was applying shoot to kill methods. Even assuming this was true, the impression was that the NDC as not taking the Galamsey issue seriously.

The NDC can atone its portion of responsibility for the widespread environmental damage by publicly supporting the Government’s efforts against Galamsey - without equivocation, without ambiguities.

The NDC sees votes in displaced Galamseyers intertwined with small scale miners who are not the targets of the current Government campaign. The NDC may well get those votes but it would be blood votes because environmental degradation on the scale associated with Galamsey is tantamount to spilling the blood of Ghanaians and that of Ghanaians unborn.

Nii Armah
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