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Why is DCOP Nana Ansoma still at post?

abaa - bii abuzotyel
2018-05-06 10:05:16

Following the brouhaha on the refusal if the Ghana Police Service to allow COP (Rtd) Mr Bright Oduro to use hus earned leave to work, the Police Council, headed by the Vice President, issued a letter to the effect that no police officer henceforth, will be permitted to stay in office using earned leave. It was mandatory to enjoy such days prior to retirement.

Corollary to it, no officer will be allowed to apply for contract after attaining the compulsory retiring age if 60, Both directives received my endorsement as men on contracts tend to be more prone to corruption for a secure future than concentrating on the work assigned to them.
But contrary to this directive, DCOP, Nana Ansoma, the Team Regional Police Commander, who is 61 years as his records indicate, is still at post. No one knows why he us still serving Long past 60 without any official contract awarded him. His only authority is that his wife who is a member of the Council of State, an NPP financier and said to be more powerful than the Vice President, is the reason why he is still in office. The NPP came to power on the mantra of change and accused the NDC of nepotism, corruption and favouritism. If after winning power, it is perfecting those vices, 2020 is around the corner.

Many police officers who spoke to me on this matter on the state of anonymity, were down cast and no wonder Nana cannot enforce discipline in his jurisdiction because he has lost the moral authority.. Ghana can only progress when we practisrcwhat we preach and be ready to avoid the repetition of the mistakes of our predecessors in office.
Posting near Kologun on the Ghana- Burkina Faso Border.

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