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Paul Son of America
2018-05-06 09:27:42

I think the guys from IMANI have been plagiarizing my notes. NABCO is nothing but an NPP scam and monumental misuse of government borrowed money.

Is Akufo Addo already bankrupt of ideas? And to think some of his people are supporting this asinine idea like lemmings? What a senseless undertaking?


The Vice President of IMANI Ghana, Lawyer Kofi Bentil has strongly criticized the Nation Builders Corps (NABCO) saying it will negatively affect the economy of Ghana.

Speaking on News File on Joy FM Saturday, Kofi Bentil disputed claims that the programme will solve the huge unemployment problem that has bedeviled the country over the years.

“The first problem is inflation, you’ll destabilize your micro economic stability when you pump so much money behind unproductive activities, I worry about that. And then you have the risk…look at what happened to the GYEEDAs, the YEAs, you have so much money going into a certain place, things are not very well defined and people are supposed to be trained. This is not new, you could have just taken this and slammed it straight into the YEA.

Again let’s be clear, this is a PURELY POLITICAL programme. There’s no economics to it, there’s no social aspect to it that’s to say we’re doing something as the people in power today to make sure that we’re seen to be alleviating the plight of our youth who face unemployment. But let’s be clear, every effort aimed at attacking youth unemployment is extremely important. To that extent therefore this is important.”


Worthless Animals! No surprise Africa is a cesspool and monumental shiiitthole of epic proportions. Your leaders have cotton wool for brains. While the white man is going to mars and designing driverless cars this is the nonsense that pertains in your neck of the woods?

Let me go back to my early prayers as the Lord taught us.



USA the greatest of all time!!!


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