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Barbados Elections - Bajan vs. DAWU

2018-05-06 06:44:33

The upcoming May 24th general elections in Barbados will be the third election contest between Bajan and the cunt-face Ayigbe baboon (and loser) DAWU.

The political battle between the opposition BLP (led by Mia Mottley) and the governing DLP (led by Freundel Stuart) will be the third in a series of election contests.

1. On 8th November 2016, Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in a stunning victory to become the 45th president of the United States of America. Bajan won. DAWU lost.

2. On 7th December 2016, Nana Akufo-Addo defeated president John Mahama in the first round (winning 53.85% of the votes) which was an unprecedented defeat and the first time in the history of Ghana. Bajan won. DAWU lost.

3. On 24th May 2018, Barbadians will go to the polls in an election which could see Mia Mottley becoming the first ever female prime minister of Barbados. I am supporting Mia Mottley all the way and will cast my vote for the BLP on election day. DAWU is supporting the DLP.

Will it be the third straight election victory for Bajan?

Will it be the third straight election defeat for the cunt-face Ayigbe baboon and LOSER DAWU?

MIA ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Respond to it!

Nuff Respect,

[This is an authentic posting from Bajan (Registered User)]
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