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Why Akuffo Addo is best President of Ghana

Kwaku Manu
2018-05-04 16:19:39

1. Provided all Ghanaian High School students Free Education regardless of whether you are a boarder or day student. It applies to all and not only to a sector like Nkrumah did for the Northerners.

2. He restored Training Colleges and Nurses Trainee allowances when "Opana" cancelled it.

3. He has created over a million jobs in less than one year four months since he became President.

4. Over 100,000 unemployed university graduates have registered and will be jobs soon.

5. We no longer hear stories of looting state monies that sounded impossible but were the truth.

6. He has brilliant ideas and articulate them clearly to the admiration of all.

7. His able Vice under whom the economy runs, he succeeded in reducing interest rates, though there is more room for improvement.

8 He is highly respected world wide

9. He is damn bent on stopping galamsey to protect water bodies
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Kofi L. Ameko
05-04 18:04