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Nana Assange
2018-05-01 17:10:32

Some thirteen constituency executives of the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) at Akwatia in the Eastern Region, have resigned from their various positions complaining about unfair treatment by former Member of Parliament for the area, Baba Jamal and the party’s National Vice Chairperson, Anita De Soso as a reason for their disenchantment.

According to Henry Boakye Yiadom, constituency vice chairman, notwithstanding their sacrifices and efforts for the party over the years, they are being accused falsely and threatened with suspension.

Their decision follows a disagreement between them and Ms. De Soso at a meeting to resolve disagreements surrounding the party’s branch elections in the constituency.

Mr Jamal and some followers, petitioned the party to suspend them, accusing them of contributing to Mr Jamal’s defeat during the 2016 parliamentary elections.

Mr Yiadom, popularly known as Okoyo says the disgruntled executives are not happy with the conduct of Ms. De Soso.

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