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Wonders shall never end – Dawukpor

HRH Naana
2018-05-01 11:55:13

As it is said, if you can’t beat them, go with them.

So after all those catfights, bitch fights, and whatever fights with Naana, all that our Kpor of a Dawu was yearning for on these pages was to enjoy some of the royalness, hein? Now he is also HRM?

Ah well, Dawukpor; as you realized, this Royal Highness of a Naana is tough cookie to crack. Don’t worry; Just enjoy your royal kingdom with that your poodle there in the UK, that whale man as your linguist and life goes on.

Welcome to the Royal Club, but first of all, you have to pay your dues. Te he he

HRH Naana

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Nana Kwaku Romeo
05-01 13:29