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sweet stackleberg and aggrey

Kosi Degbor
2005-12-01 10:05:05

Madam sweet, I hope the bad spelling is intentional, because it's not right that your spelling and articulation is so substandard, but yet you won't just listen and learn!. Please read over what you've posted, or better still, let someone proof read for you. If you want to agree with that moron aggrey, go ahead, but PLEASE PLEASE, make it readable!. Since when did "stupid" become "stopid"?. Stop exposing yourself!.

aggrey, You seem to be obsessed with belonging to a pure unknown or undocumented race, being a woman and being healthy. It does not take a genius to figure out that you are a man, black very unhealthy and consumed with self-hate. Typing it on the web does not make you healthy. It is so funny, because you remind me of friends from my childhood who always had something stupid to say to counter sensible advise. Only kids try to top everything someone says. It's juvenile!. Whiles at it, why don't we play the "your momma" game or argue about whose daddy is bigger and taller!. Put a sock in it!. Empty barrels make the most noise!
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