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Akwasi Agyemang-Prempeh A Bastard Asante

2004-10-01 18:45:31

What do you think of yourself? What a fool you are displaying on SIL. Kufour can be your tin god but not for the people of Akatsi. The citizens of Akatsi have the right to hoot at any one they choose to. You have the edacity to call them inward looking. Where is your hero Victor Owusu? He died just like a poor dog leaving on some one else kindness.

With all your so-called education, just because you are one those bastards Asantes you call the good citizens of Akatsi names. In free the world like the US, Canada, Britain etc, people can hoot at their president if the do not like his/her policies and no one calls them inward looking or any degrading names and what made you think Kufour the useless president of Ghana is better.

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