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Will this NPP Survive?

Anthony Kumah
2004-10-01 11:38:36

After deceiving themselves that all is well with them and that 70% of Ghanaians will vote for the incompetent Kufuor-led (mis)government, the NPP is set to bite its finger on Dec. 7 as "things scatter" in its fold.

It is only under an NPP government that the organizers will defect to the Opposition party less than 100 days for the general elections. Those who have seen the light are doing what their hearts tell them. Most do so on the quiet but this Offinso one? ===========================================================

The Chairman of the NPP in the Offinso North constituency, Mr. Innocent Kweku Amankwah has announced his defection from the NPP to the NDC at a reception held for Prof. Mills at Afrankyo in the Ashanti Region on Thursday 30th September 2004. He defected along with a large number of young men and women.

The defectors made it clear they were motivated to defect from the NPP principally because they have come to the realization that the Kufuor regime is a monumental failure.

"The NPP campaigned on the platform of Hwe wu astenamu ne tu aba, implying that an NPP government would improve the standard of living of the people beyond the levels at which they were during the NDC era. However once they assume power they have shown clearly that they are not concerned with the standard of living of the people, they are rather concerned with making the books look good for the IMF and the World Bank," one of the defectors complained.

Almost to a man, the defectors said the story sometime ago that President Rawlings stole Koose at Afrankyo caused them a great deal of embarrassment. They therefore condemned the publication and expressed their sympathies to President Rawlings and the NDC for any embarrassment the publication may have caused them.

Source: Felix Owolabi

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Asante Bush Boy
10-01 20:43