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2004-09-01 12:52:13

Before Rawlings, there has been no democracy in Ghana!! Democracy does not mean periodic probes to the ballot box characterised by half-hearted wishes to magically salvage an eternally broken process hijacked by dubious characters of ignorance and greed. The little democracy practiced in pre-Rawlings Ghana cannot be described as DEMOCRACY. Any democratic process that is subject to constant interruption due to the system's own inherent socio-political stractural flaws cannot be used as authentic exhibit of the same since it does not have the necessary principles, tools, knowledge and ideals to sustain and maintain that which it purports to practice.

In short, you can only carry what you can support. You don't take a blind person to the movies. You give him a radio!! Under Rawlings Ghana has matured, stabilised itself and has been given a golden opportunity to look back, using it's historical experience to carve a more stable and assured path which it can proudly proclaim it's own. Ghana has been a pace-setter under Rawlings. Rawlings gave Ghana TRUE DEMOCRACY (even under mediocrity, which Kuffour is, Ghana is still a dim light in Africa, albeit barely. In Africa, dim lights are the pace -setters. Dim means "bright" in Africa)

Ladies and gentlemen, the above, you cannot deny Rawlings. It is forever carved in stone. Rawlings is the father of Ghana's true democracy (if it is well catered for). Therefore Rawlings is the father of modern Ghana!! Rawlings brought democracy to Ghana!!

NDC in 2000, was the first Government in Ghana's history to peacefully relinquish power through the electoral process. Rawlings thus has become the only President to oversee a democratic change of power, a process so fair and peaceful, all independent observers couldn't help but agree that the will of the people was truly excercised and expressed. In 2000, Rawlings oversaw the defeat of his own party at the polls. Beat that!! This is DEMOCRACY. No doubt. Rawlings has no parallel in Africa. This is a fact. No Government was able to achieve this feat prior to Rawlings simply because the enviroment was never conduisive. There were too many lingering, unaddressed post-independence issues. Ghana never found it's soul as a nation. The people were political illiterates. We had too many hustlers and junkies for leaders!! Nkrumah, being a genuis that he was, knew this. And how right he was!!

After 20 years of Rawlings, Ghanaians are learning to crawl democratically. This is a very critical juncture of our infant democracy. It is a delicate period. How can the father of Ghana's democracy nip in the bud what he has conceived and created before it matures? How can Rawlings destabilise a country he has rescued from the doldrums. How can he destroy what he has so much toiled to build?

How? It is senseless to argue thus. It is mind-boggling to indulge in such illogical thinking!!

These senseless overdone election year scare tactics expose NPP as misfits. They are seriously politically handicapped and it is quite apparent. There's no logic to their constant coup scare alerts. Non whatsoever. Rawlings is too intelligent to be this predictable in such delicate and dicey matters as coup d'etats in this epoque. NPP are babies!!!

That is why I say it here that Kuffour is a very, very dangerous leader. Kuffour is a clueless leader!! He is running from his own shadows!! And in the process, he is digging his own political grave.

Kuffour is the kind that prompts a man to recant his position and words which I hope Rawlings doesn't do. In order to sit through Kuffour's Presidency, ONE HAS TO BE A REAL MAN OF PRINCIPLE. Rawlings is such.

Only a great man of principle can stand to witness his work of 20 years get dismantled and tarnished by a successor so immature, so simple-minded and so inept as Kuffour is.

But in all this, Ghana shall overcome!!!

And Rawling brought democracy to Ghana!!


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