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ANN stands by its Predictions

Kwaku Azar
2004-09-01 12:37:57

ANN, the reputable Somanya based news network, known for its factual and accurate reporting and predictions, stand by the following predictions for 2004. If any of these predictions do not come to pass, we shall get out of business.

(1) Bush will be relected as President of USA

(2) Kuffuor will be relected as President of Ghana

(3) In a losing cause and of no consequence, John Mahama will be named the vice-presidential candidate for Atta Mills.

ANN, news is our business.

Da Yie!

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09-01 13:04
Kwaku Azar
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Kwaku Azar
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Kwaku Azar
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Kwaku Azar
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Kwaku Azar
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Kwaku Azar
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