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2004-09-01 10:48:11

Some time ago I ran into this fine Ghanaian lady. She looked like she was sculptured by the Greek goddess of beauty. In her tight Ghanaian outfit, she looked so delicious that one felt like biting her on the a-s-s. I was therefore astonished when she asked me to hook her up with somebody. This was like telling the fox to find you some chickens. But the reality was that my hands were full at that time and she was reluctant to wait for her turn.

The first dude I sent her was a single, well dressed, tall, handsome and dark Ghanaian with very successful career. It was love at first sight when he pulled up in his top of the line Mercedes convertible. Per her narration, she was determined to trap and hook him by overdosing him with pu**y. She was about to impale herself on his sex machine only to discover that there was no power in his machine.

The second prospect was a Nigerian. This mother was loaded with mean green. He was wealth several million dollars. He was not exactly a heart throb but his money did his talking for him. Per her narration, the mother F was so cheap that she ended up cooking for him instead of him taking her out.

The third prospect was an "awiemfuo moborowa" who just arrived from Ghana seeking greener pasture. He did not have a pot to piss in but had potential. Per his narration, he had been in USA for almost two years and he had not seen a woman's thigh let more pu**y. He could not even afford to buy one in the street because the money was desperately needed at home. He could not sleep for days prior to meeting this lady because he was looking forward to a good Ghanaian cooking and a warm Ghanaian bed. When he rang her bell a sweet and sensuous voice responded. She opened the door and goodness what a doll? She looked him up and down; sniffed the air around him and slammed the door in his face.

I was very upset when I heard about the way she treated him. This guy was a big shot in the NDC government and he fell on hard time after the 2000 election. After all what does this woman want? She cannot eat her cake and have it.

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