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RE: NDC dumbing down Ghanaian politics

Ato Ben
2004-09-01 11:05:24

Let You bush Ashantes try anything silly about Rawlings, the whole Kumasi will burn into ashes.Man just try you and your Ashante tribilism N.P.P to forget about Rawlings cause if anything burst in Ghana today it will be the masses of other tribe who will chase out Kuffour and his ashantis families back to the bush And to you Akwesi Agyeman Prempeh why u Ashantis are so worried about rawlings and N.D.C, i wish the order tribe of Ghana will teach you Ashantis lesson comes dec. Silly ashanti just think about the division and confusion Kufour is creating in Ghana, think we are stupid to vote Kufour again, get lost u bushman
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RE: NDC dumbing down Ghanaian politics
Ato Ben
09-01 11:05
Akwasi Agyemang-Prempeh
09-01 11:35