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RE: NDC dumbing down Ghanaian politics

George Yeboah
2004-09-01 08:45:08

What can the NDC do when the Rawlings thugs are firmly controlling the shots? Some wisened up NDC adherents are bowing their heads in shame because J J Rawlings and his bandits have evil designs to make the country ungovernable should the NPP win the impending elections.

What the NDC must realise is that this time round, Rawlings would be taken out first and SWIFTLY. Mark my words.

Why can't the Rawlings camp sit quietly and enjoy their ill-gotten wealth? The answer is simple. The thieves cannot spend their stolen money because the masses would cry for their blood. The thugs are in a catch-22 situation. They desire their kind to be in power so that their thieving skins would be protected. This unarticulated desire has not been lost on Ghanaians and hence the repudiation of the NDC and all that it represents.

For me personally I want JJ to be brought to book and reduced as a commoner. He should be eliminated as fast as possible and it is then that one can talk of democracy having gained its roots in Ghana.
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RE: NDC dumbing down Ghanaian politics
George Yeboah
09-01 08:45
Akwasi Agyemang-Prempeh
09-01 11:35