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NDC dumbing down Ghanaian politics

Akwasi Agyemang-Prempeh
2004-09-01 08:24:42

It is just incredible that with three months to go to a general election, the issues that the parties stand for are not being discussed becuase there is only one agenda and that is gov't performance.

There is no effective opposition because there is no gov't in waiting. The emphasis on politics has been dumbed down to name-calling and insults. One notices this unfortunate scenario whenever Tony filthy mouth Aidoo is in the news. He is always quick to move in and fill the issues vacuum. The NDC manifesto is now a dead document and they are press-conferencing on jail-birds. Rawlings and his cohorts talk trash whilst the sensible minority in the NDC take a back seat.

It is time, the Prof, the Chairman and the intelligent few in the NDC take the initiative and perhaps relaunch their manifesto. Well that is after he has been given a running mate.

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Akwasi Agyemang-Prempeh
09-01 11:35