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2004-09-01 00:50:49

... And this guy can't even put a sentence together.


HELLO, First, I must solicit your confidence in this project, this is by virtue of its nature as being utterly CONFIDENTIAL and TOP SECRET. Though I know that a project of this magnitude will make anyone Apprehensive and worried but I am assuring you that all will be well at the end of the day. we have decided to contact you through your box due to the urgency of this project.

let me start by first introducing myself properly to you, I am (MR Mark David (CERDIT OFFICER) with the ECOBANK plc. I came to know of you in my private search for a reliable and reputable person to handle this confidential project, which requires maximum confidence.


A foreigner, (late Sheu yuan-dong an oil Merchant/contractor with the Ghanaian government until his Death on February 16th, 1998 why on board A china Airlines A- 300 jetliner with his wife returning from Bali with 197 people on board crashed skidded into a residential area and burst into flames just short of a runway at Taipei?s airport. Banked with us here at " ECOBANK" plc and had a fixed deposit balance of ($ 18.500, 000.00) EIGHTEEN MILLION FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND UNITED STATE DOLLARS which the bank now expects a next of kin to claim as beneficiary. valuable efforts are being made by the "ECOBANK" plc to get in touch with any of the Sheu?s family or relatives but to no success.

It is because of the perceived possibility of not being able to locate any of late Sheu yuan- dong next of kin. (He had no children that is known to us), the management under the influence of our chairman and members of the board of Directors are making arrangement for the funds to be declared "UNCLAIMED" then will be lost to the federal government or subsequently is used for Arm / Ammunition to further enhance the course of war in West Africa.

In order to avert this negative development, some of my colleagues and I now seek your permission to have you stand as a next of kin to late Sheu Yuan - dong so that the funds US $18.5M(USD) would be relaased and paid into your account as beneficiary (next of kin.)

ALL documents / proves to enable you get this fund will be carefully Worked out and we have secured from the probate an order of mandamus to locate any of deceased beneficiary.

More so we are assuring you this project is 100% risk free. Your share stays while the rest would be for my colleagues and I for investment purposes, upon receipt of acknowledgement of this message in acceptance of this project, we will furnish you with the necessary modalities and disbursement ratio to suite both parties without any conflict.

IF this project is acceptable by you do not make undue advantage of the trust we have bestowed on you, then kindly get to me immediately and indicate your direct telephone contacts. you can contact me also through this email

Yours faithfully,

Mark David

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