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ROPAA Ghanaman Have You Been Arrested Before?

2015-07-25 14:41:13

Folks, if you live in the USA and talk to the average Black person, the overwhelming majority of them seem to have had some sort of encounter or other with the Police over their lifetime that they deemed to have been unfair, targeted and/or outright racist. This would include arrests that unfairly left them with a criminal record and/or that was bogus, making it necessary for them to seek (and spend extra time, effort, and money) to expunge the record from the books.

And this sort of thing appears to cut across socio-economic lines. Many highly-trained law-abiding professionals have been handcuffed by Police during unjustified arrests. Many have won settlements from the Police but how do you ever live down the humiliation and/or get rid of the seething anger, sometimes even hatred?

My question today is simple. How many ROPAA Ghanaians have gone through this sort of experience in Aburokyire and considered it to be attributable to the fact that they were simply Black?

Over to you, Joe Lartey.

Da yie!

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