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A systemic problem ...NDC women folk

Deacon Timpa Twum
2015-07-18 23:07:43

No perceptive dude would fail to acknowledge that NDC women leaders come from a different stock

From Anita Da Sooso (with the unique distinction of being put on America's No-Fly List for threatening a foreign diplomat) to Vickie Hamma (the one million $ prospector) to Hanna Bisiw who splashed unabashedly the news that her Doctor Boy friend gave her an $80K car on their wedding day , these NDC dames are a class of their own. Even my loquacious buddy Dawuta has told them to mind their rhetoric and should be restrained.

This week, one of them no less the wife of our vice President told the hardworking folks at Kukruantumi to shut up and stop begging for white chalk from her husband's administration but buy the stuff from their own pockets. Walaahi, this is like telling soldiers to buy their own bullets for their pistols. What silliness! Last year this same woman refused to shake hands with people at a durbar lest she catches Ebola. Princess Diana shook the hands of AIDS patients and the Latin American Pope Francis kissed lepers on their face and paws but Dame Matilda thought it was beneath her to shake hands of healthy people.

What is wrong with these NDC bitches and witches?

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Paul Zelötes
07-18 23:31
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07-18 23:34