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2015-07-18 20:59:03

The attitude of the second lady are anong the sort of things Ghanaians usually associate with a self-proclaimed elitist party like NPP.

Not NDC!!

But since post-JJ era we have seen how NDC has been toiling to compete with NPP in every category of vice and criminal enterprise.

Never before has corruption been even remotely associated with NDC until the Dirty Bastards assumed power.

Likewise, this stinking "I am-better-than- you" elitist attitude of the the second lady wasn't part of the NDC fabric.

JJ Rawlings, the founder, is a man of great humility who breaks bread with the common man.

So what happened?

Is it arrogance?

Is it the sense of grandiose sourced in the false notion of security and invisibility due to an unexpected and more recent accumulation of personal wealth?

The array of arrogance that has become synonymous with NDC of late is truly unfortunate and quite frankly laughable.

Is this JJ's party of the people?

So Ayariga doesn't want to talk to the media and he makes it clear.

Hannah Tettey storms out of an international conference without a second thought. All in front of our great founder and other dignitaries. Many more examples abound of such disgraceful behavior of our leaders who should have known better!

I mean talk about chip on a shoulder! !!

Is this our NDC?


Sometimes until the unexpected happens, lessons are not learned.

Ghanaians are keeping score.

Oh sure they are!!

Long live JJ!!

Long live SMG!!

Long live the Deist family!!


[This is an authentic posting from ZEO (Registered User)]
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