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Selassie Ameko
2015-07-18 20:42:33

Before we at least had some schedule to follow. So you knew on this day, at this time, you would have light or not have light.

Then they said, "No sweat, we will not manage dumsor, we solve it."

Granted, they have a self-imposed deadline, so we are watching. But even then, one must be seeing some indications of progress as this deadline approaches.

Rather, what the electricity utility bosses are saying now is that, "We cannot follow any schedule".

So we are left in the dark, figuratively and literally.

Figuratively because we now have no idea when dumsor occurs.

Literally because, well you follow...?

What sort of people are we. Nine years ago, a spacecraft left this earth, heading for planet Pluto. It also needs power to run, and it's been running for these nine years without fail.

I just don't know. Lights just went off in my area. And it's like that now almost every day.

Nine years without fail. And here we are talking about chalk?

Awuradi Nyakukpong.
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