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Human Life is Not Priceless

Paul the Zealot
2015-07-18 15:58:50

I really do not enjoy it when people out of emotion are given to hyperbole and make statements like "Human Life is Priceless"! That is utter nonsense. For human life to be priceless, it would mean we gave OUR ALL to save a human life, our ALL including our lives.

There are very few people who can say human lives are priceless and who qualify to say that with true meaning. Those people have earned the right to say thus because they gave everything including their lives to save some human lives. That is when we have achieved perfect love because it says "Greater Love has no man for his neighbor than to lay down his life for him"

Of course in the ideal form and zenith of humanity which we hope to attain when the full measure of Christ/God is found in us, we can say without hypocrisy that Human Life is Priceless.

Grace unto you.

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