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Justice Apau Did Not Apportion The Blame Properly

2015-07-18 15:46:19

In the story in the link below, the General Legal Council (GLC), the body in charge of legal education in Ghana is accused of bastardizing the law by first firing a deputy registrar without cause and when he went to court to seek redress, they attempted to delay the case and when that didn't work, they chose to ignore the resulting judgement of the High Court.

The Judgement Debt Commissioner was right to condemn the GLC for making an ass out of the law they so educate others about. However, he failed to condemn the High Court for waiting 7 years to issue a default civil judgment because the respondent simply submitted a statement of defense and disappeared never to show up in court again. It's clear that the High Court treated the GLC with favor. They say justice delayed is justice denied. When someone is unfairly dismissed from a job and he has to wait for 7 years for a default judgement because the respondent has no defense, then something is very wrong with the courts.

Justice Apau should have noted this as well. His opinion on this case is one-sided.


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