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Audio of VP wife's response

Papa-2 here n there
2015-07-18 15:29:02

As I keep saying: Matilda Amissah Arthur said the right thing, but in the wrong way.

Many have been the renditions and mal-interpretations given by political hacks.

Please listen to the full statement (perhaps three minutes long) and make up your mind, outside of politics, if she is as callous as some are trying making to make her look.

From where I stand - she did not package her response well. But you can readily see what she was trying to put across - and there is real truth in what she was saying. Nothing wrong in harnessing the potential of PTA and alumni to supplement [note SUPPLEMENT] in creating the maximal environment for scholarship for our children. We've all done and continue to help our alma mater and schools our children attended/attend.

Enough of the tedious moralizing! ababa! its okay. Move on!

[This is an authentic posting from Papa-2 here n there (Registered User)]
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