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Kwaku Romeo Esq
2015-07-18 14:55:18

So, I clicked on massa Ogya's post this morning and saw he had a link to a youtube video of a Jamaican woman's visit to Ghana. The video was nice and it showed Ghana in a positive light. Then I also saw on the same page other youtube videos on Ghana. I liked the one on the history of Asante kingdom and clicked on to watch. It was a fair rendition and I was enjoying it until they came to the story of Nana Osei Tutu. Then my joy came to an end.

In all my life I have never known that there actually existed a town in Asante where the first Asantehene was born, I have never even heard of a name. But in the documentary here was a video of the actual town of where the great king was born and even the house in which he was born! The narrator of the film follows the chief of the town to a house which is purported to be where he was born. From there things started getting weird. They have built a shrine of the of the little king and his mother in a secluded place where they said she used to sit and play with him.When they opened the shrine there was a statue of a woman with a child on her laps. The statue was white and as if that was not bad enough the woman clearly had European features and Nana Osei Tutu himself looked like a not too well made version of an European baby!

I lost apetite for my waakye, shut my computer down and went to sleep again. What the hell is wrong with us?


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