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Is It Time For Koku Anyidoho To Handle Matilda?

Kofi Ameko
2015-07-18 14:29:12

No Matter Any attempt at rationalization, Matilda goofed badly. She must return to Kukurantumi and make ammends and ensure that the school is connected to the electrical grid.

Well, we all know of the rapport between Koku Anyidoho and Mrs Mills. The handlers of Matilda disappointed her.She now owes a truckload of chalk to a school. We can not provide mere Calcium Carbonate materials yet we are testing smart and marker boards.

Whew! Is it time for Koku Anyidoho to Handle Matilda?

Kukurantumi is being considered as STEM and critical thinking launching pad.

Thanks to Matilda for putting it on the map. I never heard of it before. Did you?

Stay tuned.

STEMIC greetings.

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