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Annual Health Report: Excellent

Paul of Baltimore
2015-07-18 12:42:00


I'm back from my typical weekend 8 mile bike ride and 100 yard sprints.

Have you had your annual checkup? Many of you immigrant Negroes in the USA do not exercise and although you tend to avoid junk food, your native foods you continue to feast on tend to be quite unhealthy. Also after suffering poverty while in Africa, now you have a tendency to indulge yourself in large portions of meat.

Just got the results from my last physical. My physician says he has never seen a better physical specimen with my vitals as close to ideal as possible. Look let your moderation be known in all things, nothing extreme. Very important to control anger and eliminate all stress.

Musonius Rufus said it is totally foolish to worry about ANYTHING. Those things you cannot change, you should not worry about because it is foolish. The things you can change also you should not worry about because you should be working on changing those. I am stress free, almost.

Lord willing I will be around another forty years or so chastising and correcting Negroes worldwide which is my great calling.

Trump for president!!

Grace be with you.

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