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Are Ketu, Tongu voters real? Also Bantama?

Charles Agbenu
2015-07-18 11:33:58

Ashanti Region`s Bantama, Tafo all under KMA, and Greater Accra's LA, OSU all under AMA, :: TEMA West under TMA etc.... all have heavy voters.. in the region of 80, 000: 100, 000 etc and are justified because their Local assemblies are self sufficient since the same voters pay taxes to confirm their status.

Now, the contrasts are in Tongu, Ketu South, Ketu North etc in Volta where voters are equally in the region of 80, 000/90000 etc.

Why are the Ketus, North Tongu assemblies always broke?

Where are the voters when it comments to paying to make the assemblies viabl

The voters are miserably not justifying their status.

These are some of the VOLTA contradictions in the body politics we will expose for EC to act.

Are the Ketu voters real? Are they fake?

Of course, Beans, Voodoo, Dawu, Insider, Nii Adotey

dfotey, Ameko, Zeo etc will freeze when confronted with the truth o
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