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Mr Beans
2015-07-18 10:43:55

What in your view is Mahama's biggest legacy? To help you make that decision below are some of his major projects

1) His 200 community day secondary schools

2) His three tier Kwame Nkrumah Interchange

3) His Awotsi/Pokoase Interchange

4) His Kpong/Teshie water project that added over 50 million gallons of water to the daily supply

and thus eliminating the disgraceful Kufour Gallons in the city

5) His 617 bed Legon Teaching Hospital or the 400 bed Ridge Hospital meant to stop our hardworking mothers from having labour on wooden benches or the $90m Police hospital refurbishment in Accra

6) His new 500 bed military hospital in Kumasi or the 800 bed Teaching hospital in Tamale

7) His new 15 district hospitals spread across the country

8) The new $250 KIA Terminal 3 project or the $100m Tamale International Airport project or the Kumasi Airport that never saw any work since Kufour verbally declared it an International airport

9) He and Mills's $800m Gas plant

10) The Eastern Corridor road project

11) His $200m Hospital re-equipment programme that minimized rich Ghanaians patronising health services in South Africa

12) His $190m expansion of the Takoradi Port that has never seen any work since its establishment

13) His new $600m Atoabo port

14) Bringing in the $1.8bn investment that will expand the Tema port to become the second largest port in Africa, second after South Africa and also turn the motorway into a six-lane

15) Increasing urban and rural water coverage from 55% to 80% within a matter of 6 years

16) Equipping our fire services with new equipment making it possible for the service to fight the June 3rd fire. Credit goes to President Mills as well

17) Almost completed the gargantuan gang of 4 roads, including the multi-million dollar Sofoline Interchange

18) Reviving the Komenda sugar factory, Kumasi Shoe Factory and reducing by half rice import into the country

19) Building modern markets across the country - the $300m Kejetia market, Kotokoroba Market in Cape Coast the Tamale Market and the Ho market etc

You are spoilt for a choice

[This is an authentic posting from Mr Beans (Registered User)]
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