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Resurrection Of A Question: Power To Do What?

Nana Osei Akoto
2015-07-18 08:48:37

A few days ago, Asase asked a question of the month - "Power to do what?"

For some strange, but obvious reason the drum majors, parrots, footsoldiers and foolsoldiers of both the NDC and NPP avoided the question like a bubonic plague. The few who felt compelled to respond could not answer the simple question.

Below is a reprint of what Papa Samo wrote. Just in case you missed it or have used your head to do some real thinking and would like to address the question today.


"Politics, in fact leadership is about change for the better.  If it were for maintaining the status quo, there would not be elections to replace the incumbent. Somehow, this central idea of change, of doing things better or differently for better results has eluded Naana and Kwaku Romeo who seem to think that politics has only just started in Ghana.  Both KR and Naana have fallen prey to the ravaging culture thoughtlessness in Ghana that, “that has how it is done in Ghana.”  Of course that is how things may be done in Ghana but is it the right and proper way?

Ideas matter because it is ideas - good ideas - that propel progress.  We cannot be doing the same things all the time and expect different or better results.  Last night, Naana and KR were supported by Bajan in the dive for the bottom; politics in Ghana and Barbados are based on the patronage system where principles and policies do not matter.  Power is all that counts.  Last night when I asked what Ghanaians stood for, I did not intend to initiate an ideological debate.  Instead, I wanted to find out where people stood on particular interest. 

It is no longer hidden in IMF books that more than two-thirds of government revenue is spent on paying public sector wages.  Mahama repeats it more often and yet he does not say or do anything about reducing this wage bill which has become a millstone around the nation’s neck.  No one in the NDC whether in government or outside it says anything about it.  Actually, it is not a subject that is discussed.  The NPP is the same.  Bawumia, who the NPP sycophants call an economic whizz kid is also silent on it.  Akufo-Addo is also silent on it.  Yet, all these people are vying for power.  Power to do what?" ....

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