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Negroes are Falling Behind?

2015-07-18 04:20:31

You’ve heard of the bank robber who passed a hold-up note written on the back of his cheque.

Now a B.C. woman has earned a spot in the Stupid Crimes file.

She wrote a note demanding “Give me all the money B4 I shoot everyone” on the back of her resume, which included her name and address, making it easy for police to find her after she fled the scene.

On April 8, 2015, Miller was convicted of attempted robbery. But before she was sentenced, she was caught shoplifting some costume jewelry worth $5.97 from the Walmart in Port Alberni.

The Crown sought a sentence of two years for the attempted robbery.

But Provincial Court Judge Ted Gouge noted that Miller, who has two young children, was heavy cocaine user at the time and no lasting harm was done to the cashier or the owner of the shop, who did not feel threatened by the toy gun.

The judge said a two-year sentence “would be entirely disproportionate to the gravity of this offence. In my view, a sentence of 90 days would be appropriate, and I impose that sentence.”


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