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Ghana: Veggie-Eating Attributed to Rats?

2015-07-01 23:23:49

How come only amoakoa or rabbits eat vegetables in Ghana? Even salad-loving individuals are shunned and called names. But why? No wonder they hate me for eating artic vegetables. The AG daughter of my Cameroonian girlfriend was horrified when she saw a Ghanaian chicken light soup without veggies and correctly attributed the soup to how her great-grandmother's cooking. Do something before you die.

[This is an authentic posting from JW (Registered User)]
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Naa Darkoa
07-02 00:22
Kwaku Romeo Esq
07-02 00:54
Kwaku Romeo Esq
07-02 01:01
Kwaku Romeo Esq
07-02 01:13
Kwaku Romeo Esq
07-02 00:49
Naa Darkoa
07-02 01:23