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Loaded: The Singing Chicken Light Soup

2015-07-01 17:41:17

I steam the skinless fourteen pieces of chicken thighs with ground black pepper, minced onion, bell pepper and thyme prior to mixing the lot with blended onion, ginger root and kpakpo shyto. Added four large pieces of blended fresh expensive hothouse tomatoes with my beloved golden little potatoes. I am now waiting for the last five minutes of the boiling before adding the world famous arctic veggies. I know some of you have continuously terrorised handsome moi as to the true origin of such veggies and if it's possible to grow them in the Arctic Region. Please ask a Jew when in doubt, but glacier water is now famous for brewing Vodka. Only a Ghanaman will say that "impossibility cannot be possible."

[This is an authentic posting from JW (Registered User)]
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