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Before Betty Mould Iddrisu.............

2015-07-01 10:54:50

... there was Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo who invented and perfected the art of Judgment Debt Fraud.


So clearly, the failure of the Attorney-General to make any appearance in the London Court after dispensing with the services of ‘Bindman and Partners’ who were the external lawyers of GNPC did not do the country any good. It was that failure that led to the entry of the ex-parte judgment against GNPC. Again, it was that failure that made it possible for SG to demand more than the fourteen million dollars (US$14 million) that they had earlier on (before the entry of judgment) agreed to accept as final settlement of the suit.

This Commission holds the view that the payment of US$19.5 million instead of the US$14 million earlier on agreed, constituted financial loss to the Corporation and Ghana. The Commission thinks that governmental interference in the running of the affairs of the Corporation, contrary to the Act establishing the Corporation, accounted to a large extent for what happened.

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