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Mr. Mister
2015-07-01 02:51:09

See how the wicked and demonic NDC is punishing Ghana? On the day that we should celebrate the Republic what does NDC do? Punish Ghanaians with a wicked 15% petrol price increase on top of all the other increases they have imposed on Ghanaians since coming to power.

It is blatant callousness combined with rapacious greediness to announce petrol price increase on Republic Day.

Is good. If Ghanaians refuse to open their eyes then Ghanaians will suffer still more punishment from these wicked creatures known as NDC.

And people should know that 40% of the petrol price is taxes. Do your own research if you don't believe it. They have been lying to you people from day one about subsidies. Do people know the difference between subsidies and taxes? If you don't know you should know or you have no business voting because you don't know anything.

How can something they claim is subsidized be rather taxed.......hmmmmmm? Are they taxing the subsidy? Does that many any sense?

They are lying from day one. There are NO SUBSIDIES on petrol. ONLY TAXES. And they keep raising them.

So keep believing lies and keep getting robbed and watch the country get worse and worse while the wicked creatures in power amass wealth at your expense.

Ee dey bee.....more petrol taxes....k3k3.

Well, if all that doesn't make you want to throw the rascals out then you deserve to suffer more.

Happy Petrol Increase Day to all (formerly known as Republic Day)

Confusion is guaranteed after the Holiday when drivers will increase transport fares and Government will say they should not. How are transport operators supposed to survive in NDC Ghana? NDC are so wicked they want Ghanaians to starve while they stuff food in their own mouth and even throw some to their dogs. Fools have got the Government they deserve. The unfortunate ones are the rest of us.
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